We have volunteers working on a variety of maintenance efforts, including shed repairs, lights inventory, drainage problems, etc. We’re looking for a few more managers to tackle the following projects: sidewalk inventory; debris/stump removal; tree guard maintenance & relocation; chess tables; monitor for playground equipment problems. If you can help, email Andy Cole or call him at 215.573.1274.

Recent Good Deeds

April 17 was our day for installing Belgian Block around the Farmer’s Market area. Andy Cole lead a team of volunteers from the Vineyard Community Church, St. Gabriel’s School in Audubon, and the Clark Park Music and Arts Festival.

The biggest job was installing about 12×4 feet of Belgian Blocks along 43rd street at Baltimore.

From Vineyard Community Church, West Philadelphia Kinship, we had Jennifer Coulter, Marya Van Voorthuijsen, Joseph Pointdujour, Mike Camileri, John and Caitlin Littleton, Brad and Becca Zinn, Jay and Betty Lanford, Elly Nees, and Jen and Cameron Jones.

From St. Gabriels School, Audubon Pennsylvania, we had Justin Minisu and Des McGruder (staff), with students Corey McIver, Darnell Godfrey, Michael Marigold, John Bustamante and Josh Medina.

And from the Clark Park Music and Arts Festival, Cheshire Agusta.

Mike Marigold of St. Gabriels School, climbed up and took down the lights from the ‘caroling’ tree in Park B. And the volunteers weeded and put in three substantial mulch rings, based on advice from Chris Leswing.

As Andy Cole reports, “We couldn’t have done a project of this size without the FOCP maintenance brain trust, Mark Jenson and Emily, Joe Shapiro, Mande Benner, Molly Roth, Mike Hardy, Steve McCoubrey and Janet Lewis, who among them, handled food, tools, materials, and advice/expertise in laying the Belgian Blocks.

“Of course, every project I’ve done at Clark Park over the last few years
has been helped a great deal by John Fenton and his staff at the UCD.
They took care of a lot of the last minute stuff that we needed such as
gloves, tools, wheelbarrows, a water connector, and John’s inexhaustible

“I’d also like to thank a new FOCP/Clark Park supporter, Roger Harman of
Abbraccio’s, who donated a portion of the excellent breakfasts and box
lunches that we had for the volunteers.”

Have a look at our Tree Report page for another nifty photo from Andy.

Less Recent, but Equally Good, Deeds

Future generations will thank 100 members of the South Asia Society and Muslim Students Association for fantastic work in October planting five trees and 500 daffodils on the International Gandhi Day of Service.

Visibility has improved with the pruning efforts of Chris Leswing and Andy Cole. They also did a great job of mulching the new entrance plantings at 45th & Chester.

Lew Mellman’s brush with greatness occurred recently when he quickly painted over graffiti on the newly-primed maintenance shed. What a great neighbor!

Student power from USP and FOCP volunteers made some fantastic improvements at the Aug. 23 work day. Students scraped and primed the maintenance shed and hauled mulch to protect dozens of trees. Others gathered trash and dug up remnants of an old iron fence that had been tripping joggers by the 45th Street sidewalk.

If you spot a neighbor helping in park, please let us know. Send an e-mail or call 215-552-8186 and we’ll try to make sure our “friends” get recognized.…